2014 Catalog

Horror Sanctum Studios has been producing high quality Halloween masks since 1981 and has one of the best reputations in the business. All masks are made to the highest standards. 30 years of experience (which includes working at Don Post Studios & Distortions Unlimited) goes into each and every masterpiece that comes out of Horror Sanctum Studios. HSS prides itself with the highest level of quality and extremely fast turnaround time. All masks ship within 3 weeks of your order.

Movie Monsters:

Myers Masks:

Retro Masks:

Limited Edition busts and full size figures:

Walking Death Resin or Latex 1:1 bust





HORROR SANCTUM WANTS TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE HAPPY WITH YOUR PURCHASE. By ordering you agree to our refund and return policy.

Cash refunds will not be given under any circumstances because of the nature of the manufacturing process and health code issues. Every mask is made as you order them, which means you are getting a custom made mask made for you. These masks are not made in advance and stored simply because of the damage that can happen when storing latex for a long time. Horror Sanctum will however exchange a mask for the following reasons.: Damage in shipping. This means HSS will replace the mask if the shipping company damages your mask. You must inspect your mask as soon as it arrives and check for damage. Wearing the mask completely cancels this return policy. Damage in workmanship. Say you think there is a problem with the mask and how it was made. HSS will require pictures and a full description of the problem. We will then review your case and make a decision as to whether we will replace it or repair it if possible.

From time to time materials can be discontinued and HSS has no control over that. HSS reserves the right to make changes to materials and paint schemes that we deem an improvement to the paint or materials.